Your focus is your patient. Our focus is technology that helps surgeons like you.

Surgical technology has been evolving for years. But to what end? At Verb Surgical, we’re working to democratize surgery. Our digital surgery platform will combine the power of robotics, advanced instrumentation, enhanced visualization, connectivity and data analytics into one smart, powerful, connected platform.

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Your Needs Drive Our Innovation

Our highly differentiated platform will have a smaller footprint and will be broadly applicable to global operating rooms. With this leap forward to Surgery 4.0 our goal is to make surgeons more proficient, ensure clinical outcomes are better, and provide a more cost-effective program.

At Verb, our ONE Team is working cross functionally to create the future of surgery. We will impact millions of lives as we push surgery forward—giving surgeons the technology that enables them to do what they couldn’t before.

Always there, always on.

Your needs drive our innovation

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Verb, along with its partners at Ethicon and Verily, is focused on bringing this technology to the OR for the purpose of advancing patient care. We need you, the clinical community, in this partnership to be successful.

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